What’s in it for me at
Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products


What do we mean by career?
For us, career is a personal roadmap that reflects your competencies and professional goals. This path is full of different opportunities such as rotation, job enrichment or promotion.

How do we support our employees' careers?

Recruitment and Onboarding: We evaluate candidates according to the job requirements using tools that are scientifically proven to be valid and reliable and that offer all candidates equal opportunities for recruitment. All new employees take part in an orientation program about our business, the fast-moving consumer goods sector in Turkey, and our corporate culture to help them adapt quickly and easily to their job.

4-Dimensional Career Management: We consider career management on the basis of the four dimensions of individual performance: knowledge, experience, competency and personality traits.

Career Reviews: At regular intervals, we arrange meetings between employees, managers and human resources to exchange information about career opportunities and formulate the development plans that employees need to achieve their career goals.

Career Opportunities: Our employees have many opportunities to improve their careers through job rotation, job enrichment and project assignments. They may also apply for open positions in the Group as well as in our company.

Reward & Recognition: We recognize and reward employees whenever they make a difference, successfully complete major projects, present effective ideas and suggestions, suggest talented friends for vacant positions and more.


What do we mean by development?
Development is the sum of all opportunities we provide to our employees for their professional, technical and personal self-actualization based on a structured plan that we create together.

How do we support the development of our employees?

Function-Specific Academy Programs: We provide long-term training and development programs for teams in each function that enable them to develop their expertise in a particular area.

Leadership and Managerial Development: In line with their career development roadmap, employees are invited to participate in the Eczacıbaşı Group's leadership and executive development programs.

Continuous Development: Every year, our employees participate in training and development programs tailored to their needs in line with their development plans.

Wellbeing: Our employees are also encouraged to take good care of their minds and hearts by participating in seminars and events about life and wellbeing.

Post-Graduate Academic Support: Our employees can benefit from academic training that promotes their professional development in line with their career plan.


What do we mean by life?
Life in Eczacıbaşı means all those activities aimed at enriching the personal time of our employees as well as their time at work. It's a life shaped by the values of respecting people, giving back to society, self-actualization and achieving things together with passion.

Çalışanlarımızın yaşamını nasıl mı zenginleştiriyoruz?

Social activities: We have a club that our employees can join or lead that organizes sports, cultural, community, and recreational events. Members of the club can also play an active role in social responsibility activities as a part of the Group-wide Eczacıbaşı Volunteers program.

Benefits:Our employees enjoy flexible schedules and distant working opportunities, relaxed dress codes, opportunities to buy Eczacıbaşı brands at discounted rates, discount agreements with other businesses and facilities such as sports centers, tennis courts, hairdressers, game rooms and more depending on office location.

Participation: Employees from different Eczacıbaşı Group companies share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences at a range of company and Group-wide events, meetings, and interactive live broadcasts on performance, strategy, function development, innovation, sustainability, and more.


What do we mean by stage?
Stage for us is the environment in which our employees develop themselves and help others develop by sharing their knowledge in their fields of interest and expertise.

How do we get our employees on stage?

Campus Stage: Employees share their experiences with students in class and at career days, events on campus, and events at our offices and production facilities.

Business Stage: Our employees share their knowledge and experience at national and international conferences, summits and sectoral events.

Internal Stage:Our employees learn from each other by taking the stage at company and Group-wide events to share their knowledge about issues related to life and their fields of expertise.