Selpak: Turkey’s “Superbrand” for Personal Care and Cleaning Products

According to research carried out by Superbrands Turkey and Nielsen in 2016 and 2017, Selpak – Turkey’s first tissue paper brand – is a “Superbrand” in the personal care and cleaning products category.

From 4,986 nominees, 1,148 brands were selected as “superbrand” candidates based on specific “superbrand” criteria. A jury of experts then chose 300 finalist brands for the public to evaluate in face-to-face interviews. The survey, carried out by Nielsen, encompassed 1638 people in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir between the ages of 18 and 56 and from every socio-economic status. At the conclusion of this comprehensive evaluation, Selpak earned the title of “Superbrand” in Turkey’s personal care and cleaning products market.

Committed to a sustainable future, Selpak is working to advance personal hygiene awareness by providing guidance to parents on potty training and personal hygiene instruction to schoolchildren. It is also preserving forests for future generations by purchasing wood pulp only from suppliers with sustainable forest management certification. In 2016, Selpak was also named “Most Loved” brand in Turkey’s tissue paper market in the Lovemarks 2016 survey carried out by MediaCat magazine and IPSOS KMG.