For the 4th year, Selpak is Ukraine’s top pick!

Selpak has confirmed its strong position in Ukrainian market with its “Choice of the Year” award for the fourth time. Selpak was also named best brand in paper category in Ukraine in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Now in its 15th year, the “Choice of the Year” award is given to the very best brand in a variety of categories, based on the evaluation of consumers and industry experts. In addition to Ukraine, the competition takes places in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova. Organized by the independent market research firm TNS and audited by Deloitte, the award takes consumer preferences as well as the views of experts, leading advertising companies in the industry, and the competition committee into consideration. To date, numerous global brands have won this award in different categories.

Selpak’s brand communication, which began in 2012 and highlights the quality and expertise of Selpak, has clearly won the trust and love of consumers in Ukraine. In the years ahead, Selpak aims to maintain its top position in Ukraine by further strengthening its special bond with consumers.