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Welcome to the World of Uni Baby.

Uni Baby is the pioneering brand of Turkey in baby care products. It designs products that cater to the nursing and cleaning needs of babies from day one of their birth. It provides families with safe and baby-friendly products in all categories such as wet wipes, shampoos, detergents and skin care products.

Uni Baby has developed the first wet cotton wipes for newborn babies. It develops products with vast knowhow, and offers customized solutions for the sensitive skin of the babies. Uni Baby elaborately uses delicate ingredients at the production stage and creates hypoallergenic products.

UniBaby helped raise hundreds of thousands of babies to date. All Uni baby products are developed at its R&D Center, are produced with high quality standards and they successfully fulfill all compliance tests.

Uni Baby aims to make life easier for parents at every stage of baby care and to be a trusted companion to them. It takes the inspiration from the changing needs of babies during the growth stages of their first two years of life. That's why, it started a new era in 2021 and has redeveloped all its product ingredients accordingly.

With this vision, Uni Baby introduced Turkey's first and only Newborn Wet Cotton Wipes certified Natural by COSMOS, and has successfully rolled out Turkey's first and only prebiotic wet wipes.

Uni Baby offers safe products for babies by the virtue of Eczacıbaşı Group's expertise and vision in health and hygiene industry. Uni Baby is the baby care brand trusted and preferred by mothers.

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